The Victorian Simulation Alliance (VSA) was founded in August 2010 with the aim of creating a ‘community of practice’ to bring together those involved in implementing simulation teaching and learning methods within health professional education. In late December 2013 the Victorian Simulation Alliance officially became an "Incorporated Association" under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act.

Our mission

“Create an environment that fosters collegiality, collaboration, networking and sharing among those engaged in simulation-based education and research.”

Defining ‘simulation’

“Simulation”, for the purpose of the VSA,  applies in its broadest context from ‘low fidelity’ e.g.  role-play and part-task trainers; through to ‘high fidelity’ including: simulated health care environments; high tech manikins and standardised patients.


To support the ongoing development and implementation of simulation within health professional education across regional and metropolitan Victoria by:

  • valuable networking opportunities
  • ongoing professional development, education and training
  • fostering scholarship and innovation
  • information dissemination and sharing
  • linking metropolitan, rural and regional areas
  • access to expert advise, information and resources
  • creating a cohesive voice, information and resources
  • best-practice identification and sharing
  • creating opportunities for consultation, collaboration and sharing expertise
  • facilitating inter-organisational research & projects
  • informing and promoting standard and policy setting
  • linking nationally and internationally

The VSA is relevant to all professionals involved in simulation education and training.


The VSA has been modelled on the Bay Area Simulation Collaborative (BASC) which was established by the California Institute for Nursing and Health (CINH) in San Francisco.  The VSA would like to acknowledge and thank the CINH for their continued support and collaboration.

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