Research committee

The purpose of the VSA Research Committee is to foster a culture of scholarship among Alliance members to promote evidenced-based application of simulation methodologies in health professional education by:

  1. Formulating a strategic plan for the development of collaborative research projects among members of the VSA.
  2. Promoting dissemination and sharing of research findings to VSA members through local seminars and symposiums.
  3. Providing leadership and advice where possible to Alliance members on the development and implementation of research projects related to simulated learning environments.
  4. Adding to the body of knowledge of simulated learning environments through the publication of peer reviewed articles in scholarly journals.
  5. Dissemination of information to Alliance members of research grants and funding opportunities related to or applicable to simulated learning environments.

For further information contact committee chair Monica Peddle 

Monica Peddle
Monica PeddleResearch committee chair

Scenario committee

The purpose of the VSA Scenario Committee is to identify the need for scenario development in specific areas and to oversee the validation and testing of simulation scenarios submitted by members.

The committee membership comprises representatives from the health sector, vocational training and education, and universities.

For further information contact committee chair 

Tess Vawser
Tess VawserScenario committee chair

Want to get involved?

If you have a passion for simulation, a commitment to educational excellence, and are interested in participating on any of these committees please send an 'Expression of Interest', together with a current Curriculum Vitae to 

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