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The VSA has worked closely with the California Simulation Alliance (CSA) to adopt their evidence-based scenario template and validation process to the Australian health care context. The VSA scenario template ensures  standardisation of scenarios developed and has been based upon best-practice principles and is available for members to download when writing scenarios for submission to the VSA for validation and publication. 

VSA scenarios

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  • VSA Scenario template
  • VSA Pre-testing form
  • VSA Validation form

Knowledge Bank

Knowledge Bank is Victoria's Health and Human Services Workforce information portal that provides a comprehensive list of resources including scenarios.

SIM - One Scenario Exchange

SIM - One Scenario Exchange provides peer-reviewed simulation resources. SIM-One is a international repository of best practice scenarios across all simulation modalities, scenario development tools & templates, and learner assessment tools for evaluation or research. The Exchange fosters collaboration amongst simulationists for the sharing, improvement, and adaptation of resources. 


Simulation scenarios for nursing education

Simulation scenarios for nursing education - Edition 1 (2010) Cengage Learning US Tammy J. Hale, Minnesota State Community and Technical College

The Sim Guide: Allied Health scenarios and templates

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