New to simulation

The VSA supports the use of simulation-based education for people working in sectors that are new to simulation. We provide advice and mentoring to professionals working in health and non-health related areas such as community services or social sciences.

If you required to use simulation as part of vocational national training packages the VSA also offers a series of half day workshops tailored specifically for those new to simulation working in non-health care settings.

Education & training opportunities

The VSA offers a variety of workshops, such as:

  1. An introduction to role-play, simulation and assessment in the community/social services sector
  2. Writing simulation scenarios and simulated client scripts in the community/social services sector
  3. Integrating simulation into training packages
  4. Principles of feedback and debriefing
  5. Simulation as an assessment tool

If you would like to have one of more of these workshops facilitated at your organisation, please contact the VSA Executive Officer at at .

Alternatively, become a VSA member and receive discounted rates to attend a VSA SIMposium where these workshops will run.

Introductory resources

Department of Health and Human Services

The Department of Health and Human Services produces a concise list of education and traininng resources for educators, coordinators and technicians.

Knowledge Bank

The Knowledge Bank is Victoria's Health and Human Services Workforce Information Portal has a range of simulation resources and includes materials developed by funded projects. 

National Health Education and Training in Simulation (NHET-Sim)

The NHET-Sim programme is a nationwide training programme for healthcare professionals and their educators aimed at improving clinical training capacity.

Simulation Education Resource Portal (SIMED)

SIMED aims to provide high-quality resources for clinicians, educators, students, technicians and simulated patients who are engaged in simulation-based education and training.

Training manuals for simulation educators

These manuals, originally commission by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in 2007 have been recently updated by the VSA with the support of the DHHS. They are to be used as a resource for simulation educators working in the health and community services sector. They are designed to equip educators with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully deliver simulation-based education.


health.vic – DHHS Simulation program

The Department of Health and Human Services' provides a list of simulation resources and map of all Victorian healthcare and education providers with simulation facilities and simulation-based clinical skills centres health.vic - Simulation program.

Simulated Patient Network (SPN)

The Simulated Patient Network (SPN) website contains thirteen modules on various aspects of SP methodology.

Virtual Simulated Patient Resourse (VSPR)

Virtual Simulated Patient Resources (VSPR) is designed for undergraduate health professional students to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes related to non-technical skills in health care and patient care encounters

Connect with an expert

As a Community of Practice, the VSA is committed to sharing information and knowledge. Our members have a wide range of knowledge related to simulation and education.  If you require resources, advise, site visits or phone support we encourage you to contact us at . We will connect you with an expert with the relevant expertise.

VSA members can also visit the Members Only section to access the VSA Community Discussion Board.

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