Professional Development

VSA Technical Training

The VSA offers a series of 3 hour face-to-face technical workshops: 
  • Manikins Considerations
  • AV/IT in Clinical Simulation
  • Moulage in Healthcare Simulation and Medical Terminology

VSA also offers face-to-face delivery of the NHET-Sim modules, S3: Technnology-based simulators and simulations (details below).

These workshops can be grouped to provide a full-day or 2-day program.

Please contact the VSA Executive Officer at if you would like a workshop delivered near you.

NHET-Sim Technical E-Learning Modules

NHET-Sim offers the following technical e-learning modules:

  • S1 - Being a simulation technician
    • This module explores the roles and responsibilities of simulation technicians. It discusses aspects of simulation in relation to occupational health and safety including hazard analysis, risk assessment, preventative maintenance and incident reporting. The module also provides an overview of commonly used scenarios, conditions and drugs within simulation.
  • S3 - Technology-based simulators and simulations
    • This module will describe a variety of audio-visual parameters used in the SBE environment and explore the advantages and disadvantages of their use. Mannequin programming will be explored in greater detail as will the set-up and connection for different types of mannequins.
  • S4 - Delivering technology-based simulations
    • This module is designed for simulation educators and technicians and provides the opportunity to articulate the process required to design and deliver a scenario. The use of constructive feedback in critique is explored as is different techniques for moulage and the use of video in debriefing. 


Healthy Simulation

Healthy Simulation is a US based network featuring technical resources, product demos and reviews, free bi-monthly newsletter

Games and Simulation for Healthcare

Games and Simulation for Healthcare provides a Games and Simulation for Healthcare Library and Database. This website aims to provide a portal and network to meet the needs of clinicians, researchers and educators in the healthcare community who want to integrate games and simulation into their scholarship and patient care strategy. is a free online resource focused on healthcare simulation technology. Includes a collection of free medical simulation scenarios, an audio/visual stimuli database, moulage information.


SimGHOSTS is an international US-based non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting individuals and institutions operating medical simulation technology and spaces through: hands-on training events, online resources, professional development, free newsletter, webinars and discussion forms.

How to design and plan a simulation centre

How to design and plan a simulation centre - Americian Society of Healthcare Engineering (ASHE)

Laerdal Simulation User Network

Laerdal Simulation User Network is an online interactive community forum for discussions on Laerdal products.   

Moulage Concepts

Moulage Concepts is a US-based company providing resources and products on Moulage.

Airforce Medical Modeling and Simulation Training

Airforce Medical Modeling and Simulation Training (AFMMAST) is a US company providing free online training and resources for Moulage preparation and recipes.


SIMED is a Simulation Education resource portal with a section for technicians, developed by La Trobe University.


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