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Victorian Simulation Alliance Privacy Policy


Victorian Simulation Alliance (VSA) includes any divisions of VSA. 

This Policy details VSA’s Privacy Policy and related information handling practices and gives guidelines for access to any personal information retained by VSA, particularly in relation to its members.  This includes information collected in relation to the VSA website and platforms. Website and platform includes the VSA website and any other authorised websites and platforms of VSA. 

VSA is committed to ensuring the privacy of individuals, in accordance with applicable privacy principles, such as the Australian Privacy Principles set out in the Australian Privacy Act 1988. 

When information is collected directly from individuals, VSA may provide further relevant privacy information to the individual at the point of collection, in which case, such information should be read in conjunction with this Policy.  

This Policy encompasses requests for personal information that are explicitly considered in VSA privacy statements and consent to release forms, as well as other personal information. 

This Policy is also subject to the terms of other VSA policies that explicitly deal with the use of personal information by VSA in particular circumstances, and in the event of conflict, the terms of those other policies will apply.  

  1. Why do we collect personal information? 

VSA routinely collects personal information about individuals and those persons who use, access, provide or participate in VSA’s services, events and activities.  

The collection of this information enables VSA to effectively carry out its principal roles as a provider of resources, education and related services.  It also allows the provision of services such as training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD), enables VSA to procure goods and services from suppliers and generally interact with third parties, allows VSA to contact individuals and others, and ensures access to member only services on the VSA website. 

VSA is also a membership based organisation and information is collected in relation to its company members (set out in the VSA Constitution).  

  1. What personal information do we collect? 

VSA may collect personal and sensitive information about applicants for registration, suppliers, conference delegates, staff and other individuals who interact with VSA.  

The information VSA collects about individuals includes name, address, contact details, education records, financial records and other information relevant to their relationship to functions and activities. VSA may also collect information indirectly through such means as assessments, verifications of completion of training and education requirements and similar. 

Except where it is unreasonable or impracticable to do so or where it occurs with an individual’s permission, VSA will collect this information only from the individual concerned. In addition, unless permitted or required to do so by law, VSA will not collect sensitive information about an individual without their consent. Receipt of this Policy may imply consent. 

The full details of personal information that VSA collects can be found in the questions VSA asks, and in the forms individuals complete when dealing with VSA, its agents and contractors. 

The VSA Board of Directors is designated as VSA’s Privacy Officers. VSA will ensure that they act as the primary source of information regarding privacy matters. 

  1. How is personal information collected? 

Ordinarily, personal information will be collected from an individual directly, either in person, by telephone, in writing or via the internet. 

However, in some situations VSA may need to collect personal information about an individual from a third party such as: 

  • VSA’s consultants, auditors, lawyers, contractors and contracted staff or service providers that provide goods or administrative or other services in connection with the activities of VSA; 
  • entities and institutions who provide services or undertake activities in conjunction with, or in association with, VSA;  
  • regulatory authorities and bodies, professional or specialist societies and associations, hospitals and health centres and relevant complaints tribunals and government departments and agencies; and 
  • an individual’s agent (with an individual’s authority). 

If VSA needs to collect personal information about you from a third party not mentioned in this Policy, then VSA will first endeavour to obtain your consent. If that is not practicable then VSA will only obtain personal information from a third party if it is necessary for us to perform our functions or comply with applicable laws. In any event, VSA will inform you about such third-party personal information and only use that information in accordance with this Policy. 

Where VSA receives personal information about you, which was not solicited, then that information will be dealt with in accordance with this Policy and applicable Privacy Principles. 

The main points at which personal information is collected includes: 

  • On joining VSA as a member. 
  • On applying to and joining VSA as an employee or member of the Board or other VSA governing body or entity. 
  • On registering for VSA events such as meetings, conferences, courses and workshops. 
  • On visiting the VSA’s website. 

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Website information collection 

The software used by VSA in connection with the VSA website may record (amongst other things): 

  • Unique visitors and sessions. 
  • Requested pages, downloads, search terms used, posted forms, status and errors, hits and bytes downloaded per directory, file, and file type. 
  • Entrance pages, exit pages, click paths, click to and click from and length of session. 
  • Domains, countries, and IP addresses. 
  • Browsers, platforms, and bots. 

The statistics are de-identified at the time of recording. This information is used for administrative purposes, including to improve and assess services, and to monitor usage patterns in order to improve navigation and design features – helping users to get information more easily. 

The VSA website may also use cookies to manage login and logout. 

  1. How is personal information used?  

VSA will only collect information needed for a particular function or activity.  The information collected will depend on the individual’s relationship with VSA.  VSA will use personal information to carry out its functions and activities.  Functions and activities of VSA include, but are not limited to: 

  • to provide membership services and benefits and maintain associated records; 
  • to assist, support, provide and improve CPD, education and training; 
  • to enable planning, policy and service development and to market, advertise or otherwise promote VSA and its activities; 
  • to monitor, deal with, report and investigate potential misconduct; 
  • to provide safe workplaces and training environments that are free from discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment;  
  • to appropriately interact with government and regulatory bodies; 
  • to implement, monitor and maintain quality assurance processes and systems, as well as processes and systems concerning regulatory matters, registrations, accreditation, audits, risk and claims management (including dealings with insurers); to procure funding, sponsorships, donations or other support for the activities of VSA; 
  • to enable internal administration, training, assessments, reviews of any processes;  
  • to provide or undertake any of the other activities referred to in this Policy; and 
  • to conduct or facilitate research or surveys for purposes related to VSA and/or one or more of the above activities. 

Information may also be used for secondary purposes which directly relate to the primary purpose of collection or any other purpose which is authorised by the individual, or which is required or authorised by law.   

VSA may also make ancillary use of your personal information for purposes other than those described above where an individual would reasonably expect VSA to use such information.  

  1. How is personal information disclosed? 

VSA will share personal information amongst its staff, officers, committees and bodies where appropriate to better achieve VSA’s primary, secondary or ancillary purpose. 

From time to time, VSA may disclose your personal information to certain third parties. If VSA does this, it may require the third party to protect your personal information in the same way and to the same standards as VSA. 

The types of third parties to whom your personal information may be disclosed includes, but is not limited to: 

  • providers of goods and services to VSA;  
  • entities and institutions who provide services or undertake activities in conjunction with or in association with VSA;  
  • regulatory authorities and bodies, professional or specialist associations, hospitals and health centres,  relevant complaints tribunals, and government departments and agencies; 
  • where VSA collects an individual’s information from someone else, or another entity, to that person or entity; 
  • where the law requires or permits VSA to do so;  
  • an individual’s agent (with an individual’s authority); and 
  • to assist with mail-outs to members.  

Information supplied in such circumstances is disclosed to suppliers for the contracted purpose. Failure by the third party to act in accordance with this policy and other contractual and legal obligations may result in termination of the relationship with VSA. VSA takes no responsibility nor incurs any liability for the errors or omissions of third parties. 

All specific requests for information from a third party will be documented. 

5.1 Overseas disclosures 

In certain situations, VSA may disclose your personal information to organisations based overseas. 

VSA will take reasonable steps to ensure that receipting organisations will abide by Australian laws as applicable, when dealing with personal information. 

5.2 VSA website and publications 

The VSA website and web-based services may collect an individual’s: 

  • unique visits and sessions; 
  • requested pages, downloads, search terms used, posted forms, status and errors, hits and bytes downloaded per directory, file, and file type; 
  • entrance pages, exit pages, click paths, and length of session; 
  • domains, countries and IP addresses; and 
  • browsers, platforms and robots. 

This information is used for administrative purposes, including to improve and assess services, and to monitor usage and patterns to improve navigation and design features.  

VSA sites use cookies to manage access. 

VSA may use sound and image recordings (including photographs) in the production of educational and promotional material for VSA purposes. Such material may be published, either in electronic media (including our website) or in hard copy publications. VSA officers may also take image recordings of attendees at VSA events, which may be published on the VSA website or other media with your consent (express or implied). You may opt out by notice to VSA in writing or advise a VSA representative on site. 

5.3 Direct marketing 

VSA may use or disclose personal information for the purposes of direct marketing from VSA or its stakeholders unless an individual has expressly requested otherwise.  

Personal information will only be disclosed to third parties for the purpose of direct marketing where VSA believes that such marketing materials will or may be of interest to people like the individual recipient.  

In the ordinary course, broadcast emails will be sent as ‘blind copies’, i.e. with undisclosed recipients.   

An individual may request to be excluded from such direct marketing by contacting the   

  1. Special uses and disclosures  

This clause sets out additional provisions relating to special purposes for which your personal information may be collected, used or disclosed by VSA. It is in addition to all other provisions in the Policy. 

6.1 VSA members  

Without limiting the scope as defined through other sections of this Policy, personal information about VSA members is used to conduct VSA business.  Information may, without limitation, be disclosed to VSA staff, the VSA Board of Directors, committees and bodies, and external suppliers. 

6.2 Public enquiries regarding a VSA member 

Generally, apart from confirming status of a member no personal information will be disclosed to a member of the public without written consent except as required by law.  Members of the public include, but not limited to, spouses, family members and colleagues. 

It is important that the recipient of this information is aware that it is a confirmation of the status of a member and not an endorsement.   

6.3 Information requests from members regarding other members  

Requests for the names, business addresses (and business email addresses) of members may be provided.  Any other information about a member will not be provided without their permission (unless required or authorised by law). 

In response to a request for information VSA may pursue one of two options (although it is not obliged to do so): 

  • VSA may elect to contact the member and advise them that information is being requested about them and seek their express consent to release it; or 
  • VSA may elect to obtain the contact details of the requester and provide this to the member, allowing them to contact the requester directly. 

6.4 Board and committee elections 

VSA appointments to the Board and Committees are made at various times for specific positions.  Requests by members for the names and contact details of other members for the purpose of electioneering for elections will not be granted. 

6.5 Information requests by VSA staff members regarding other VSA staff members 

Personal contact information of each VSA Board Director, committee or staff member is retained in VSA files for use as required by VSA or in the case of an emergency. Requests for the contact details of VSA members by other VSA members will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the VSA Board of Directors. 

6.6 Overseas recipients 

VSA is a corporate entity which is registered and operates in Australia. As of necessity, personal information may be collected, used and disclosed between countries in respect of members and applicants for activities. 

Personal information may also be disclosed to recipients in overseas countries, in appropriate circumstances in accordance with this Policy and the Privacy Principles. 

  1. Courses and Events 

If attending courses or events, your name, title and organisation may be provided as a name badge or in the form of an attendance list to other participants or sponsoring organisation. 

  1. Publications 

We may disclose information about present or past participants, for example, on the completion of a course or present at an event. 

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  1. Partners and Contractors 

We disclose personal information to partners or contracted service providers who work with us to provide services and functions including service providers of technology, data processing, member records, legal, accounting, auditing, banking, payments, market research, content production and mailing but only for the purpose of fulfilling those services. 

  1. Marketing Communications 

Our advertising and marketing material is sent to current and past participants and other stakeholders with whom we hold records to provide information about VSA’s products and services. We may send any such marketing materials by mail, telephone, email, SMS or other electronic methods, such as social media or targeted advertising. 

You may opt-out of receiving marketing material in our communications with you, such as forms, letters or emails by contacting us using the details below. 

  1. Social Media 

We participate in social media such as our Facebook page and our LinkedIn group. If we think it is relevant to the quality of service that we provide or its objectives, we sometimes record the nature of the topic discussed by a particular individual and their name and follow up with further conversation offline. 

Social media services (not related to VSA) also handle your personal information for their own purposes. These sites have their own privacy policies. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or policies of those sites and we suggest that you review their privacy policies. 

  1. How is personal information kept? 

VSA undertakes to take reasonable steps to protect personal information from unauthorised use, access, disclosure and alteration. Staff must comply with the handling of personal information as per this Policy. IT security systems and internal procedures are also utilised to protect the personal information held by VSA.   

Consistent with contemporary business practices, VSA contracts its infrastructure hosting to resilient and reliable outsourced data centres. The data centres are usually located in Australia. However, the nature of cloud computing means that occasionally data may be stored on servers in other jurisdictions. In the rare occasions where data is stored in other jurisdictions, VSA aims to ensure that the service provider has adequate security and complies with all relevant Australian Privacy legislation. 

Wherever practicable VSA will hold all personal information in electronic form. In the case that personal information is retained in hard copy, these documents will be securely stored. 

  1. Accessing personal information 

An individual may contact at any time to access their personal information held by VSA, unless the personal information is expressly to remain confidential. They will be required to provide their request in writing. The request will be addressed in accordance with privacy legislation.  Access will not be provided where the request does not relate to personal information or where the applicable privacy laws permit or require VSA to decline that access.  As permitted by law, a fee may be requested to cover the cost of access.   


  1. Correction of personal information 

VSA seeks to maintain the accuracy of personal information. Individuals are encouraged to contact VSA if the information held is incorrect or to notify VSA if personal information has changed (reference should also be made to any additional privacy policies or collection statements).  This should be directed to the appropriate person who routinely manages that data, and who may be contacted at   Changes to personal details can also be made on the VSA website via the members’ portal. 

  1. Anonymity 

An individual may elect not to identify, or to ask VSA to not use or disclose, the individual or their personal information. However, doing so may limit the services VSA can reasonably provide to the individual. 

For example, VSA cannot practically provide services to a person who wishes to receive services but who does not provide their personal information or who does not consent to their personal information being used or disclosed. 

  1. Sensitive information 

In the unlikely event that VSA may collect sensitive information from time to time in accordance with applicable laws, it will wherever practicable hold all sensitive information in electronic form. In the case that sensitive information is retained in hard copy, these documents will be securely stored.  

‘Sensitive information’ means information about an individual’s attributes, such as racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, membership of a political, professional or trade association, philosophical beliefs or affiliations, membership of a trade union, sexual preferences or practices, or criminal record, or health information. 

  1. Concerns 

Any inquiries or concerns about VSA’s handling of personal information should be directed to the Board of Directors at   Concerns may be required to be formally made in writing. 

Concerns will be resolved in a timely manner by reference to this Policy and applicable laws. The person raising the concern will be notified of VSA’s response to the concerns, including any remedial action VSA will take to resolve the concern, in writing. 

The websites of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner – 

  1. Amendments to this policy 

VSA may modify or amend this Policy at any time provided the Policy still complies with applicable laws.  Formal notice of amendments to this Policy will not ordinarily be given, but the current version of this Policy will be available via the VSA website.